Our Trust

Welcome to the Learning Village Academy Trust.  We are clear that young people achieve their best in a climate of high expectations where teachers are motivated and empowered. We promote staff collaboration across all of our schools in our search for excellence. Teaching and Learning is at the core of all our work and this is underpinned by an extensive programme of professional training for our staff.  We have a strong vision for education and our values permeate through everything that we do. 

Our Vision:

Imagine a safe, stimulating environment, ringing with the sound of children’s laughter. Watch as they enjoy the challenge of new experiences and listen in as they pose questions and solve exciting problems, with developing skill. Observe confident, reflective and playful learners who possess the self- belief and knowledge that enables them to take risks.

Admire the high levels of academic, sporting and artistic achievement, as everyone strives to be the best that they can be. Notice how the needs, interests and talents of all are valued and supported. Join us, in celebrating success at every level, as all learners discover and develop their own passions, potential and individuality.

Hear the buzz of enthusiastic talk, generated by people of all ages learning from each other through an exciting, creative curriculum, encompassing new technologies. See how learning extends beyond the school gates, to embrace the outdoors and wider community.

Notice the exemplary behaviour, as learners assume responsibility for making choices and consider how their actions affect others. Watch as they are empowered to rise to any challenges in the future.

Enjoy the security and the harmony of a group of people who work together, nurture and care for each other. Sense their respect for people from different backgrounds and cultures,  for society and the natural world.

Sense everyone’s pride in themselves, each other and their academy.

This is Our Trust a place where everyone has PRIDE ~
Personal Responsibility in Developing Excellence

Please come and visit us and talk to our Heads of Academy about our provision for your children and family.


Our Values

Choose to be POSITIVE

We talk about ‘2 percenters’; the people who are positive about life, since research states that that such people make up only 2% of our population! We deter ‘mood hoovers’; the people whose personalities are negative and drain the energy out of others.  Positive people do not wait for life to turn out the way they want, before they can start enjoying it. They do not worry about problems and obstacles, but set out to find ways to solve them. Growth Mind-set underpins this attitude.

Understand your IMPACT

We all have a personal presence.  We teach our children about the impact of their behaviours on others.  If we are positive, kind, friendly and helpful to others it will lead to positive relationships in our classrooms and playgrounds.  By adults and children having a greater awareness about how their character, behaviour, demands, body-language, and tone of voice can affect other people, we can create the environment where everyone can shine. Peer Critique is introduced to our youngest pupil, right through to our Year 6 pupils. By being ‘kind, ‘helpful and ‘specific we can work together to achieve excellence.

Take PERSONAL responsibility

All children and staff are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their learning, their actions and their behaviours. We are all responsible for what we do and say.  Our children are encouraged from a young age to be independent learners, to access resources independently, to dress independently, and to take responsibility for their own belongings and that of the school. Philosophy for Children is part of our provision to enable the children to build higher order thinking, questioning, speaking and listening skills which supports them in being able to make informed decisions.  This is also complemented by our work with UNICEF’s Rights Respecting Schools ethos, where children understand about wants and needs and supports them in their understanding of the wider world.


Resilience is the ‘rubber ball’ factor: the ability to bounce back and cope with inevitable challenges, problems and setbacks we may face in life. We support our children, families and staff by developing a Growth Mind-set Approach to learning. In a growth mind-set, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment. We strive to provide a nurturing approach to support children and adults in our trust to have the ability to cope with stresses and adversity when they arise.

Set yourself HUGE goals

It is important that we encourage everyone within our school community: our children, our parents and our staff to set themselves HUGE goals and to aim high in life. There are so many opportunities out there in the world, it is important we share this and that children are encouraged to be the best that they can be. Changes to our daily lives may be needed to reach our goals i.e. practise more, read more, explore more, take risks etc.  Staff are encouraged to develop their skills and careers in pedagogy, practice and leadership opportunities. Our work in this area is supported with the Compass for Life work, inspired by Floyd Woodrow.

………following your North Star