Admission Arrangements

Our website is an introduction to our academy and will hopefully answer some of your initial questions about the educational experience we offer our children. I would warmly invite you to visit us to see our academy first hand.

The philosophy of Greenways Primary Academy is simple: we aim to foster individual growth, to provide children with skills that will be valuable in life and to challenge and stimulate their intellect, enabling them to achieve high academic levels.

Greenways Primary Academy is characterised by its happy, friendly outlook developed through partnership between home and school in an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation. This results in children who feel secure and enables them to grow in confidence and capability.

Education begins at birth and continues throughout life. The primary school is just one phase in the process. We hope that we can, with your cooperation, play our part effectively in the development of happy individuals who can be adaptable, resourceful and resilient in a rapidly changing world.

At Greenways Primary we have a Nursery class with 26 places and a Reception class with 30 places.  Children come into the Nursery class in September or January and they must already be 3 by the 1st September in order to be eligible for admission.  For the Reception class, children must be 4 by the 1 September of the year of admission. Nursery children will have their fourth birthday and Reception children will have their fifth birthday during the school year.

Admissions arrangements, please see the Local Authority and our academy policy link below.

Click on the link below for Stoke-on-Trent City Council Admissions information:

Stoke on Trent City Council Admissions

Click on the link below for Stoke on Trent City Council Appeals

When can I appeal my child’s school place