“We consider the best way to encourage good standards of behaviour in school is a clear code of conduct backed by a balanced combination of rewards and punishments within a positive community atmosphere. Establishing a whole school behaviour policy is an important step in that direction.” p. 99 Elton

 At Greenways Primary Academy we believe that a calm, orderly environment is essential if children are to learn most effectively. It is the responsibility of the academy to provide that environment in order that children and teachers can make most use of lesson time for the real purpose of education.

It is, therefore, worthwhile spending time setting the ground rules and asserting the academy’s code of conduct as a prerequisite to curriculum delivery. Our policy document aims to provide the framework to enable an orderly environment to prevail and to allow members of the school community to concentrate upon its chief purpose of education and learning.

It also recognises that within a climate of inclusion there will be children who need a personalised approach to their specific behavioural needs. In some cases this will mean that the sanctions, stages and rewards are not the most appropriate means of dealing with their behavior and other programmes of intervention and support may be used in conjunction with external agencies. Children should never be in a position where they feel all is lost and behaviour deteriorates.

The importance of taking a multi-agency approach to behaviour management is central. As an academy we recognise the lead we may be required to take in consulting and communicating with other agencies.

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