Phonics and Reading

—Being able to read and write well is a vital skill for all children; together we can make sure that your child is a happy, successful learner at Greenways Primary Academy.

—Your child can be practising a lot of the skills they need for reading and writing before they come to our Academy. They can explore and learn through singing and saying rhymes, making and listening to music, talking, sharing books, using puppets and toys to make up stories.

—Speaking and listening are the foundations for reading and writing; they help us to build confident readers and writers. 

—Make the most of everyday opportunities to talk to your child. Have a chat while you’re making the tea, tidying up, putting the shopping away or when you’re on the bus. Tell them what you’re doing, ask them what they can see. Make sure that you look at them and show that you’re interested in listening to them. This might not seem important but it really is!

You will be giving your child a really good start.

—Another really important way that you can help your child is by sharing stories with them – this might be telling them funny stories of what they did when they were a baby or reading a book with them. Take a trip to the library – they have fantastic books to borrow for free. And don’t worry if you read the same book again and again to your child – this is really important too because it helps your child to remember stories.

—Above all – show your child that reading and books are fun!


Click on the link below to find out how we teach reading and phonics.