Careers Related Learning

At Greenways Primary Academy, we have always been passionate about preparing children for the future and through Compass for Life work, children start to consider what they would like to do when they are older and map their journey to achieve their North Star (goal). We have tried to lift aspirations further as well by providing visits to local Universities and have visitors into class to talk about their careers.

This year Greenways is part of a funded project as we are located in the opportunity area of Stoke-on-Trent. This funding will allow this years’ year 5 and 6 children to take this learning one step further and through partnership work with employers, give our young people a direct insight into the world of work and hopefully lift their motivation, aspirations, attainment and skills.

The children will be working in collaboration with companies such as The Inspirational Learning Group and the National Enterprise Challenge to further develop their skills and interests.

Autumn Term 2019 update:

So far our years 5 and 6 children have had the opportunity to work with The Inspirational Learning Group, working on a Dragon’s Den style pitch for a new Back to School Ryman product. The day was very engaging with all children developing their team work, communication and presentation skills in preparation for the world of work. Two groups were chosen after pitching their product to a panel of judges who will now go along to the careers final in February at Staffordshire University!

See pupil evaluation feedback form below for how our children found this exciting opportunity!

Spring Term 2020 update:

This term got off to a really positive start with our year 5 children having a morning at Milton Primary Academy to meet and work with local businesses such as: JCB, Santander, Assurant and Ambassador Theatre Group. The children were able to meet staff from the companies and discuss what skills are needed to work in those areas of work. The feedback from the children was extremely positive with some children now considering other future careers options in the future.




















Isabel Hutton, the Primary Education Lead, from the Careers and Enterprise Company attended the event to see how the Careers Related Learning project is running in Stoke-on-Trent. Her feedback from observing the session was, ‘Thank you so much for arranging such an insightful and exciting day. And thank you to the schools for taking the time to host. Everything points to the model you are pursuing being impactful and perhaps more importantly, right for the schools and young people themselves.’

Thank you to Isabel for talking so positively about the learning experiences we are offering the children at The Learning Village.


Greenways welcomed the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) into the academy to work with our year 6 children. The morning was spent working with Joanne from EDT and Ellie from STEM who came along to teach us about different careers in engineering and technology.

The children learnt about STEAM (Science.Technology.English.Art.Maths) and how all jobs for the future require these subjects. The main activity that the children took part in was designing and making a roller-coaster as this is what engineers have to do when they are inventing new rides. The children learnt how gravity supports the work of a roller coaster as well as learning what personal attributes are needed to be an engineer.








After being roller coaster engineers, the children took part in a Cyber Detectives session where they learnt about code cracking. The children had a cypher that required a code to crack it and this taught the children about keeping safe online with passwords as well as the jobs linked to code cracking and problem solving, such as cyber security.

Alice said, ‘I really wanted to work within a STEM job, but today has made me realise how many different careers there are within STEM.

Lily S said, ‘It takes many different skills for any one job.


February 2020

Following on from the work that our children carried out with The Inspirational Learning Group, the two winning teams attended the Stoke-on-Trent Primary Schools Challenge final at Staffordshire University. The two teams pitched their presentations to a wide audience and delivered their product designs using a range of props, which was all created by the children, to the judges. Miss Nixon worked very hard supporting the children in fine-tuning their Dragons Den style pitches and we could not be prouder of their performances.

All children spoke with confidence under the pressure of a restricted time and enjoyed the day hosted by The Inspirational Learning Group.

Well done to you all!