Compass for Life


Compass For Life is a unique approach that provides a framework for students that empowers them to take responsibility for their own learning and to achieve their ambitions in partnership with their teachers.  It also helps the teachers develop their own compass as they journey with their students to higher levels of performance.

North Star:

The Super North Star: Your purpose, your dream. A job, skill, or ambition that requires hard work and commitment to achieve. This Super North Star sits on the horizon and no matter the obstacle keeps drawing you forward. This is the adventurer side of you.


Your values and behaviours are critical to achieving your purpose. If your ethos is ethical and authentic you are on the correct path. Then you must establish the team code of conduct this ensure that the teams behaviours are aligned in order to ensure that the team result comes first.


You need to be a strategist, to have a clear plan derived from facts and analysis with realistic milestones and contingencies in place. To be patient, and communicate your strategy in all mediums to those who have to deliver it. To be ego-free and ethical.

Warrior Spirit:

Your warrior spirit is about your strength of character, your desire to step into the pressure zone and fight for what you believe. It is where you have the appropriate skill sets, mental and physical resilience, you are courageous, committed and determined to succeed. You are a decision maker and team player where necessary. You ensure you get to each milestone no matter what.


Spring Term 2018

On Thursday 8th February 2018, our Year 6 children helped to lead the launch of Compass for Life to the Year 5 class. Year 6 were able to draw on their prior knowledge of the Compass and support the children. They were encouraged to think about their future goals and aspirations and map out their road to success.

Below is a link to a video the children were shown, which was used as a stimulus to help the children realise that we never stop growing and we are never to old to have dream and have ambitions for the future.

Compass for Life


On Wednesday 29th March 2017, Chantelle, Navigator (Leader) for Compass for Life, delivered an inspirational workshop to our Year 5 and 6 children, where they were able to develop their understanding of the Compass for Life further.  After an enjoyable session investigating each of the four cardinals, parents/carers were invited along to learn more about this new initiative.  Through sharing personal experiences and inspirational video clips, everybody involved was able to reflect on their own personal North Star and reflect on their journey towards it.  The feedback received from parents/carers reflects the positive impact that this initiative is already having on our children at Greenways.

Helen Challinor – Parent Governor said “It was lovely to learn about this initiative.  I think that all of the messages coming through Compass for Life will be useful for the children now and for their futures.  Very positive and inspirational – really enjoyed it.”

Nicola Howard – Parent  said “Fantastic idea to get the children thinking about their strengths and future goals! Plenty of great ideas to take home and love the focus on positivity.”

Helen Whitehouse – Parent said ” Very interesting.  A great way to create positivity within yourself, and believing in your goals.  Fantastic!”

Maxine Rizk – Parent said ” Very inspiring.  Amazing in providing Emily with clear goals and how to achieve them.”