Nursery Class

Autumn 1 – Why do you love me so much?

Initially this half term our Nursery children will be learning the daily routines of the classroom and how to access their own play activities. They will also be developing their independence as they learn how to put on and fasten their coats and go to the toilet remembering to wash and dry their hands. They will also learn how to access the snack table to choose a healthy snack, pour their own drink and wash their own cup afterwards. The children will also learn to be part of a group, taking turns to share ideas and building good relationships with others.

Within the half term we will also explore the topic, ‘Why do you love me so much?’ The children will have an opportunity to develop knowledge, understanding and imagination about themselves and others. We will be making a wow wall within our classroom to celebrate each child and their family. As always in Nursery the interest will be developed taking account of the children’s interests and ideas.