Year 1

Memory Lane  – Autumn Term

Would you like to take a trip down memory lane?

Can you remember being small? Being a baby learning to crawl? Can you remember your favourite toy?

During our topic we will look back events that have taken place, look at how events over time have changed and think of what is special to us and create a memory box. We will be looking at the history of toys, holidays, travel etc and comparing it with how it differs to today. Our topic Memory Lane links well with our focus on materials in Science as we will look at the use of materials to make toys and how the materials have changed over time to make certain toys.

Significant Individuals – Spring Term

Do all superheroes wear a cape?

This term our topic learning will be delivered virtually because of the National Lockdown. We hope you enjoy the activities that your teacher sets you whilst at home

Beachcombers – Summer Term

Would you like to be beside the seaside?

Our topic this term is ‘Beachcombers’ and our learning question is ‘Would you like to be beside the Seaside?’ In History we will be learning about the seaside and seaside holidays, both past and present and compare them. We will also learn about the significance of Grace Darling. During our Geography lessons, we will develop mapwork skills by looking at the countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom, its surrounding seas, popular seaside towns and then design our own beach using a key. Thinking about the environment, we will consider the impact of plastic pollution in our oceans. In Art lessons, we will discover the work of Vincent Van Gogh and recreate his iconic Sunflowers painting, initially by using sketching skills. We will use peer critique to help us improve the quality of our work and then create a final version using oil pastels. In Design Technology , we will consider the source of foods and create our own seaside themed picnic. We will also create photo frame structures using sea themed items.