Year 2

Our Local Area – Autumn Term

Who lives in a place like this?

During our topic this term will use simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of the school and its grounds and the key human and physical  features of the surrounding area.  We will also use aerial photographs and plan perspectives to recognise landmarks and basic human and physical features; devise a simple map; and use and construct basic symbols in a key. In History we will be comparing our local area now to how it was in the past.  We will also be researching how our school looked 100 years ago and compare the floorplans to see how they differ.  In D&T the children will be creating their own model village of Stockton Brook and Baddeley Green detailing all of the local amenities .In art the children will use pattern, texture, line, shape and form to create a an illustration of the ‘old pumping station on the Cauldon Canal.

Africa’s Hidden Secrets – Spring Term

What difference does a leap across the ocean make?

This term our topic learning will be delivered virtually because of the National Lockdown. We hope you enjoy the activities that your teacher sets you whilst at home. 

The Titanic – Summer Term

What happened when the ‘unsinkable’ ship set sail?

During our topic this term we will investigating answers to our key question: “What happened when the ‘unsinkable’ ship set sail?”. We will be investigating the timeline of events in our history lessons and thinking about what could have caused the disaster to happen. We will be using a variety of texts related to the Titanic to inspire writing across a range of genres. We will be linking our knowledge of hot and cold areas of the world to look at what affect this would have had on the fateful journey that the Titanic made. We will be using a range of skills in Art and D&T to create images and models of the Titanic.