Year 5

Ancient Egyptians – Autumn 1

This term, year 5 are going to be studying the Ancient Egyptians. This engaging history unit will take the children on a journey through time, to Egypt where they will learn where Ancient Egypt falls on a timeline and why the Nile was so important; they will explore the pyramids and study the role of the Egyptian Gods in their influence over believes and rituals. We will also explore the gruesome process of mummification and why it was carried out. We will explore who discovered the famous boy pharaoh – Tutankhamun. As well as learning about Cleopatra VII and her legacy!

Rivers – Autumn 2

This term we are diving into rivers! We will consolidate our understanding of the water-cycle, before following the river’s path from source to sea – learning about it’s features at each stage and how it changes the landscape as it moves. We will also take a look at the longest and shortest rivers in the world, and decide whether or not rivers should be used as a source of income.

The Shang Dynasty – Spring 1

Why did the Shang write on turtles? Were there really dragon bones? Enter the world of the Shang Dynasty, the first well-documented dynasty in China, based around the Yellow River in central China and is sometimes called the cradle of Chinese civilization.  During this unit, we will answer the questions above, as well as learning all about the daily life, how the emperors made important decisions, what jobs people did and much more.

 Climate Change – Spring 2

During this unit, we will explore the issue of Climate Change. We will first study learn about climate change, global warming and greenhouses gases. We will then look at the different causes for these, the effects and what can be done to reduce the impact of them. Of course, global warming and climate change is a global issue, and limiting the negative effects people have on the planet can feel daunting. There are, however, lots of small choices we can make everyday that will contribute to improving our planet’s health and our own as a consequence.

No one is too small to make a difference – Greta Thunberg

Ancient Greece – Summer 1

This term we will begin our new topic: Ancient Greece. This fun and engaging unit will take us back to one of the most fascinating civilisations in history as we explore ancient Greece and its many wonders. Through this unit, we will discover the people, the inventions, the art, the technology and the mythology of the ancient Greeks, all through a range of different exciting activities.

North America – Summer 2

This term we will begin our new geography unit: North America. In this unit we will learn about the many countries which create the continent of North America. We will also learn about some of the human and physical features that can be found across the continent.