Year 5

Blitz and Pieces – Autumn 2020

In class 5 we will be learning about World War 2 and focusing on the question: ‘WW2: If we don’t remember them, who will?’

We will be exploring the key events and dates associated with the war, and locating the countries and continents involved. We will also be developing our creative skills in art and D&T by creating tunnel books, combined with haiku poems, as well as painting poppies in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe to commemorate the lives lost in war. We will be looking at a number of texts, which will give us different perspectives of World War 2. We will be reading Rose Blanche and Anne Frank. These texts will be the focus for our writing in English. Our learning will be further enhanced by an experience day in school, where we try consider what life could have been like for children in WW2.

Ancient Greece: Was it all a myth? – Spring Term 2021

This term we will begin our new topic: Ancient Greece. This fun and engaging unit will take us back to one of the most fascinating civilisations in history as we explore ancient Greece and its many wonders. Through this unit, we will discover the people, the inventions, the art, the technology and the mythology of the ancient Greeks, all through a range of different exciting activities.