Year 6

Early Islamic Civilisation – Autumn 1

This half term we will be travelling back in time to learn all about this fascinating period in history. We will exploring the Islamic Empire, and comparing it with Europe during this time. The Islamic civilisation are responsible for significant discoveries that are still important and relevant today – we will be learning all about these pioneers. Trade was also huge part of the Islamic Empire and we will be exploring what items were traded as well as learning all about the Silk Road trade route. We will be replicating and creating our own geometric designs inspired by the Islamic Civilisation as these are a recognisable style from this period.

International Trade – Autumn 2

International Trade is our half termly unit focusing on trade around the world. We will be exploring climates across the world which result in different items being produced and traded. We will learn about Fair Trade; how trade connects different countries and the impact on those people living there. By further enhancing our knowledge on The Silk Road, we will be studying items that are traded and how both good and bad came from this 4000 mile long link.

Ancient Egypt – Spring 1

Our history focus this half term is Ancient Egypt. We will travel back in time to explore this well-known period of history. We will discover why the landscape, including the Nile, were so important for this civilisation.  Mummification is a fascinating aspect of Ancient Egypt, and we will explore why this process was carried out and what happened. Together we will gather knowledge about how the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation began as well as how it came to an end. We will learn about the infamous discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter.

South America – Spring 2 

Our geography focus this half term is South America. We will be learning all about this fascinating continent. We will look at the countries that make up South America, as well as the climate there. We will also then carry out a in depth study of several of the countries looking at both the human and physical geography of them.

London across the Ages – Summer 1

Our history focus this half term is London across the Ages. We will be using London as a focal point to study and examine a number of different key historical events and time periods that took place. We will explore and reflect on how London has changed throughout its history from a rural settlement to the vast city it is today. We will learn about the changing living conditions for London’s inhabitants, as well as focusing on the outbreak of the plague.

 Polar Biomes – Summer 2 

Grab your winter warmers – we’re exploring the Polar Biomes! We will be learning about the seasons on this continent, and the climates in the Arctic and Antarctic. Many animals call the Polar Regions their homes, but they have adapted to these harsh climates – we will learn how they are suited to their environment. Together we will also uncover the impact that climate change is having on this precious landscape and its resources! It will be a blast!