Academy Facebook Page

Academy Facebook Page – User Agreement

In common with many other schools, we have a Facebook page to maintain online presence. This is extremely useful for schools, not only for connecting with parents, but also for connecting with the local community, past pupils and for keeping in touch with relatives / family that are not living in the area. It is also important in attracting potential new pupils to the academy.

Having an academy website is an essential part of maintaining an online presence, but web users must specifically visit the academy website regularly to receive this information. By having a Facebook page, the academy is feeding important information, news and notices directly into the personal news feeds of parents and the wider academy community.

The Facebook page group is named Milton Primary Academy. The page can be found using the following link:

To enhance our lines of communication using Facebook.
To give parents a regular insight into their child’s learning journey at the academy.
To share information regarding our academy curriculum with parents e.g. phonics tutorials.
To advertise the academy and increase awareness about the academy.
To use Facebook as a means of marketing the academy to a wider audience.
To facilitate communication and networking opportunities between parents, especially new or prospective parents.
To publicise academy events, fundraising e.g. Open Night, discos etc
To use Facebook as a means of contact with past pupils and past parents.
To highlight academy achievements in a forum where they can be shared by the academy community
To make academy announcements, notices or provide reminders

Terms and Conditions of Milton Primary Academy’s Facebook Page
The academy Facebook Page will be updated by academy staff only
Users should use first names only.
Users should not post anything on the page that could be deemed as offensive – anything that is deemed harmful / inappropriate will be removed immediately.
Users should not add comments that can identify children.
Users should not engage in giving negative feedback on Facebook. It is more appropriate to deal with the academy directly on such issues.
Users will not mention individual staff members on the academy page.
Users should not ask to become ‘friends’ with staff members.
Users should not advertise products / services on our academy Facebook page
Photographs (or videos) of pupils are only published to the school’s Facebook page where the academy has signed consent from the parents. Users are reminded that they must not publish photographs or video of academy events to social media, since parents do not have the signed consent from other parents to do so.

There will be an immediate ban should any user break any of the above terms and conditions. Only the Headteacher has the discretion to remove the ban. 

Facebook has a minimum age requirement of 13.
All parents are reminded that children under the age of 13 should not be on Facebook.