Welcome to Nursery AM

Our main ethos is to plan our curriculum with the interests of the children in mind as we believe that all children engage the best and achieve to their true potential when they are interested and excited in their learning. Your children help us to plan their learning each half term and we adapt our styles of teaching to suit each individual child’s needs.
We believe that the children’s Personal, Social and Emotional development along with high quality nurture is paramount and that this underpins the holistic development of the child.


Miss Martin  (Senior Early Years Professional)

Mrs Stevenson (Early Years Practitioner)

Mrs Kent ( Early Years Practitioner)

Weekly Routine:

The staff will be available every day after school for any quick queries.  If you have any queries please catch us after school to alleviate any worries straight away, but please wait until we have dismissed ALL of the children first.  If you need a more detailed chat, please arrange a mutually convenient time.

Nursery Necessities

ALL school uniform needs to be clearly NAMED. We have a cardigan and jumper box and each child has their own labelled draw to put these items of clothing but please can they be named to avoid any items getting lost.

ALL children need to bring to school, a back pack with NAMED spare clothes and a full water bottle daily. Even if children are toilet trained we ask that parents and carers still provide spare clothes as we engage in lots of lovely messy activities every day.

Home Learning

We believe that it is very important for the children to see the close relationship between home and school.  Therefore three home learning tasks will be set half termly for you to complete with your child.  They will mostly be practical family tasks. Please comment about how your child found the tasks and the things that they said whilst completing them.

At the end of each half term a Parent/Child Contribution sheet will be sent home for you to complete with your child over the holiday. Please complete and send back on the first day of the new half term. We love to hear of our children’s achievements at home…

Please make sure that Home Learning is returned on the stated date on the task sheet. We love to look at the learning children have completed at home and read your comments.

In what other ways can you support us:-

The majority of children will be toilet trained before entering our Nursery. However for those children who are not, we will work in partnership with parents regarding this. It is extremely important that you provide SPARE NAMED clothes, wipes and nappy bags.

Toilet training for some children is a lengthy process however it is extremely important to work with us and toilet train your child at home. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of the consistency between home and school with regards to this.

If you are toilet training your child at home, please can you send your child to school in pants so that we can continue the process at Nursery.

Please ensure the children have good habits with regards to sleeping during school days.  Their tiredness has a huge impact on their well-being and ability to learn.

As practitioners we do our very best to make sure that the children bring their belongings out of school at the end of the day. Due to SAFEGUARDING, in the event of your child forgetting something, PLEASE wait until we have dismissed ALL of the children before your child re-enters the Nursery.

50p Friday to help us fund some of the exciting learning opportunities that we provide.

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