Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

In Year 4, we believe in the power of learning! We enjoy exploring, discovering and bringing our learning to life. In Year 4 you will get to know Mr Jones, Mr Brown and Miss Rowe really well as class teachers, and they are supported by Miss Ashton and Mrs Bew.

Our primary aim in Year 4 is to ensure that every student finishes the academic year as a resilient, knowledgeable and confident learner. We will build upon prior knowledge taught in Year 3 to explore and investigate new content that will allow them to flourish as lifelong learners.

Across the academic year we have planned a range of curricular and extra-curricular activities to engage and enthuse all learners in a variety of different subject content. From exploring the cause of fault lines across the world to forming a working model of the digestive system, our students will be immersed in a wealth of subject content designed to make them think, evaluate and justify their ideas.

Our Big 5 values are at the heart of everything we do (Positivity, Bouncebackability, Knowing Your Impact, Setting HUGE Goals and Personal Responsibility). These values will underpin everyday life in our classrooms and will allow us to work together to be the best that we can be. By being respectful to one another and by following the rules that we have created in our class charter, we will work harmoniously to be the best versions of ourselves.

We are all looking forward to a year of hard work, exciting learning experiences and each child reaching their full potential.

Your Teachers’ Favourite Books

Mr Jones – Wonder (RJ Palacio)

August Pullman has been homeschooled due to some complicated health issues related to a dramatic cranio-facial abnormality and the rigorous surgery schedule that comes with it. But by the time August turns ten, his parents are beginning to think about the big picture a.k.a. long-term. They have realised that Auggie not only needs to learn more than his mom can teach him, but he also needs to learn to navigate a world that isn’t always kind to those who are different. Enter: middle school.

Mr Brown – Arthur and the Golden Rope (Joe Todd Stanton)

Welcome to Professor Brownstone’s vault – containing ancient relics from around the world, all collected by his famous ancestors! This fan favourite is coming to shelves in paperback! Follow the epic journey of Brownstone’s earliest ancestor, Arthur, and travel back to the age of the Vikings where this bookish young adventurer must find the courage to save his village and defeat the mighty beast Fenrir…

We hope that you find the information that we have shared on our class page useful, but if you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our team, please email and a Year 4 teacher will be in touch!

Year 4 ‘Meet the Teacher’ Videos – September 2021