Careers Related Learning

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Careers-Related Learning Subject Leader:

  • Miss S. Redford

Faculty Leader:

  • Miss S. Redford

Subject Vision:

At Milton Primary Academy, we are passionate about preparing children for the future and through Compass for Life, pupils start to consider what they would like to do when they are older and map their journey to achieve their North Star (goal). In view of this, careers-related learning at Milton Primary is inspiring, explorative and motivating. We create regular opportunities for our pupils to learn about and experience potential careers. We aim to recognise their talents, gifts and interests, including how these can be applied to their future working life.

Principles of Outstanding Careers Related Learning

These are the ‘Principles of Outstanding Careers-Related Learning at Milton Primary Academy. They were devised and agreed by the children and staff in January 2020, informed by the way we feel that careers-related learning should be taught across the Academy.


Principle 1: Children are inspired and excited about careers-related learning.

Principle 2: Children explore their own interests and aspirations, asking questions and choosing career paths based on research and experience.

Principle 3: Children learn about career opportunities available through first-hand experience of the fields of work.

Principle 4: Teachers introduce children to a range of career paths and help the children to explore how they can reach these goals.

Principle 5: Children and adults appreciate the value of having career-related aspirations and the learning journey needed to work towards these.

Principle 6: The progression of subject content is planned to build on the children’s knowledge of career opportunities to allow for further exploration of lesser-known careers and fields of work.

Principle 7: Teachers enable children to access a range of enrichment opportunities, both within and beyond the curriculum.

Careers Related Learning Leader

My name is Miss Redford and I am the careers related learning lead at Milton Primary Academy. My role is to ensure that the delivery of careers related learning is inspiring for the children and allows them to consider how they as an individual can flourish in the working world. I am passionate about children having as many opportunities as possible to experience fields of work – both ones of interest to them and ones they may never have considered before. I believe children should be aware (and proud) of their own talents and interests so they may have aspirations and goals to work towards.

To inspire and captivate all children, we teach our careers related learning programme through a variety of visitors, experiences and lessons and this year we have also been extremely lucky to participate in an Opportunity Area careers project. I have worked hard to take full advantage of this opportunity, meaning our children are now able to encounter a breadth of employers to really broaden their horizons and aspirations.

Growing up, my aspirations changed; I had wanted to be a lawyer and then an author. Whilst neither of these were the direction I took, having these goals were what drove me to join debate clubs; work passionately in my English lessons; and read endlessly in the hope that great authors would one day influence my own fictional publications. All of the knowledge I had learnt and talents that I had developed eventually lead to my ‘lightbulb moment’: I could teach! I understand that our children at Milton are only just beginning their education and that their aspirations will change as they develop and explore the opportunities our world has to offer. What I am passionate about is that all children aim high, be proud of their talents and have goals for their future. Whether they have the same aspiration from the age of 5, or their goal changes every year, it doesn’t matter. My strong belief is simply that as long as they all have dreams and aspirations, they will eventually reach their own version of greatness – whatever that may be.

Careers Related Learning Curriculum

At Milton Primary Academy we aim to provide a careers related learning curriculum that is creative, inclusive, challenging and inspired by the real-world. It inspires future thinkers, innovators and problem solvers in an immersive environment that stimulates curiosity and supports high-quality learning, allowing each and every learner to fulfil their potential.

KS1 and KS2:

The Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers Education aims to ensure that all pupils have / are able to access:

Gatsby Benchmark 1 – A Stable Careers Programme

Gatsby Benchmark 2 – Learning from career and labour market information

Gatsby Benchmark 3 – Addressing the needs of each pupil

Gatsby Benchmark 4 – Linking curriculum learning to careers

Gatsby Benchmark 5 – Encounters with employers and employees

Gatsby Benchmark 6 – Experiences of the workplace

Gatsby Benchmark 7 – Encounters with further and higher education.

Gatsby Benchmark 8 – Personal Guidance

With this in mind, our programme of study for careers related learning clearly sets out what will be taught and learnt at each point in the year for all year groups.

The Contribution of Careers Related Learning to Teaching and Learning in Other Areas of the Curriculum

Fundamentally, everyone’s experience of the world is cross curricular, as everything that surrounds us can be seen and understood from multiple perspectives. Our careers related learning curriculum at Milton Primary therefore aims to take advantage of a range of opportunities for children to make links between different subject areas, supporting the use and application of what has already been taught and learned in new and different ways and providing opportunities for deep, meaningful learning.

English (inc. Reading): Communication, both orally and through various written forms, is key to so many professions. Through the vast range of texts that we read, particularly non-fiction, pupils are encouraged to consider the experts behind the information and what careers we could pursue if we were interested in being experts in these fields. When enjoying fiction texts, authorial choices and craft are discussed, and those children taking a keen interest in writing take real inspiration from this. When writing for different purposes and audiences, such as letters, newspaper reports or persuasive arguments; when considering the formality of their writing; when making careful language choices; children are reminded of when they will need this knowlesge in a multitude of future career paths.

Mathematics: Developing our careers related learning curriculum has been a brilliant way to help pupils see a purpose behind maths. Mathematicians in all year groups can now see ways that their strengths can translate to careers such as accounting and economics for example, and this was also inspired for one class by a visit from an accountant who was formerly a pupil at our academy! All pupils are also encouraged to see how maths will be needed in the careers they aspire for, for example ratio in cooking and geometry in architecture. The children being aware of their aspirations and how to reach these goals is very powerful when helping them to link maths to real life situations.

Computing: Technology is now such a huge part of our lives and children embrace any opportunity they get to use it and enjoy it. We use computing as a way to encourage children who have an interest in this to channel their interest to develop the knowledge that the developing world will need.

SMSC and British Values:

  • Spiritual: A child’s spiritual beliefs and views may be what lead them to feel passionate about a career choice, and this passion is encouraged.
  • Moral: Many people are drawn towards their choice of career because of the impact it has on the world. Tapping into what a child is passionate about in the world is key to them striving for a career that they will care about.
  • Social: Social interaction is vital in the working world. Through teamwork and communication, the children learn how they fit into collaborative work and how to navigate this.
  • Cultural: Our pupils are reminded that their career choices may lead them to encounter a variety of cultures that differ from theirs and to see this as an exciting opportunity.
  • British Values: As an employee or an employer, displaying British Values is essential to fitting into a happy and safe working environment. Discussions about these values naturally occur when children consider how they should act in a professional setting.

Educational Visits and Enrichment

At Milton Primary Academy we place great emphasis on the importance of educational visits and visitors to enhance the teaching of careers related learning. These visits and visitors, which provide valuable opportunities for learning through first-hand experience, are therefore an integral part of the curriculum and allow our children to make valuable connections between what they have learned in class and their first-hand experiences in the real-world.

Whole School Enrichment and Clubs:

The academy’s own careers fair is such a powerful launch to the academic year’s careers related learning. The children are able to encounter people from a vast range of careers, from law enforcement to construction to medical care. It creates a real excitement amongst our pupils as they freely explored the stands and ask the questions that matter most to them.

In addition to our careers fair, children also have access to a variety of careers related enrichment activities throughout the year:

  • Staffordshire University visited to explain more about their journalism competition and the career opportunities available in journalism
  • Great Grounds came to carry out practical workshops in planting and outdoor work
  • Keele University visited to carry out a pharmaceuticals workshop
  • We visited our partner school for an engineering morning carried out by Engineering Development Trust
  • Career Kids spent the day with us and brought employees from Santander, JCB, Assurant and Ambassador Theatre Group who each carried out activities related to their fields of work








Compass for Life Initiative

Compass for Life is a unique approach that provides a framework for students that empowers them to take responsibility for their own learning and to achieve their ambitions in partnership with their teachers.  It also helps the teachers develop their own compass as they journey with their students to higher levels of performance.

North Star:

The Super North Star: Your purpose, your dream. A job, skill, or ambition that requires hard work and commitment to achieve. This Super North Star sits on the horizon and no matter the obstacle keeps drawing you forward. This is the adventurer side of you.


Your values and behaviours are critical to achieving your purpose. If your ethos is ethical and authentic you are on the correct path. You must establish the team code of conduct, this ensures that the team’s behaviours are aligned in order to make sure that the team result comes first.


You need to be a strategist, to have a clear plan derived from facts and analysis with realistic milestones and contingencies in place. To be patient and communicate your strategy in all mediums to those who have to deliver it. To be ego-free and ethical.

Warrior Spirit:

Your warrior spirit is about your strength of character, your desire to step into the pressure zone and fight for what you believe. It is where you have the appropriate skill sets, mental and physical resilience, you are courageous, committed and determined to succeed. You are a decision maker and team player where necessary. You ensure you get to each milestone no matter what.

Pupil Voice

At Milton Primary Academy we believe that the view of every pupil is important to ensure that we provide the best education possible. Here is a selection of pupil voice collected during the 2019/20 academic year, and in some cases, what we are doing / have done to improve the careers education that we provide.

Annabella in Year 4 said… “I enjoy talking about what I could be when I’m older.”

Aiden in Year 5 said… “I like telling others about my future aspirations”


Please see below a selection of documents / links that relate to the intent, implementation, and impact of careers related teaching and learning at Milton Primary Academy. If you require any additional information relating to this subject, then please contact the subject leader, Miss S. Redford, via the academy office (