Clubs and Competitions

Part of the Faculty of Character and Careers

Clubs, Competitions and Enrichment Subject Leaders:

  • Mr A. Jones, Mrs G. Bew and Mr M. Slinn

Faculty Leader: 

  • Miss S. Redford

Subject Vision:

At Milton Primary Academy, we believe that it is vital that we offer opportunities for every child to socialise and interact with children beyond their own class or friendship group, whilst at the same time broadening their experiences and trying new things. By providing a wide range of clubs, competitions and enrichment, we therefore aim to develop children’s personalities, talents and abilities and afford them the opportunity to relax, play and take part in a wide range of sporting, cultural and creative activities. In line with our own ethos of removing barriers to participation and ensuring access for all, our extra-curricular activities are almost always provided free of charge.

Principles of Outstanding Clubs, Competitions and Enrichment

These are the ‘Principles of Outstanding Clubs, Competitions and Enrichment’ at Milton Primary Academy. They were devised and agreed by the children and staff in January 2020, informed by the way we feel that clubs, competitions and enrichment are organised and delivered across the academy.

Principle 1: Children are excited and enthusiastic about clubs, competitions and enrichment.

Principle 2: There is a broad range of clubs, competitions and enrichment opportunities from which children may choose.

Principle 3: Children lead their own learning and are empowered to make their own choices in relation to the clubs and competitions that they attend.

Principle 4: Clubs, competitions and enrichment is practical and hands on and children enjoy learning through creativity and exploration.

Principle 5: There is a broad range of clubs, competitions and enrichment opportunities from which children may choose and most often these are accessible free of charge.

Principle 6: Children and adults appreciate the opportunity to socialise and interact with different members of our academy community.

Clubs, Competitions and Enrichment Subject Leaders

Our names are Mr Jones, Mrs Bew and Mr Slinn and we lead and organise clubs, competitions and enrichment at Milton Primary. We all firmly believe that extra-curricular activities are a vital part of our wider curriculum offer here and Milton Primary, and with this in mind, we do anything possible to give children opportunities to try new things, develop their knowledge and most importantly reach their full potential.

Having improved and enhanced our offer of clubs, competitions and enrichment year on year, we now feel that we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to suit the interests of every child across our academy, and this is clearly reflected by the number of children accessing extra-curriculum activities both before and after the academy day.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At Milton Primary Academy we aim to provide a range of extra-curricular activities that are creative, inclusive, challenging and inspired by the real-world. We firmly believe that those activities on offer inspires future thinkers, innovators and problem solvers, and they do so in an immersive environment that stimulates curiosity and supports high-quality learning, allowing each and every learner to fulfil their potential.

The extra-curricular activities on offer in the autumn term this year are:

Dance Club: Led by Mrs Bew, our dance club runs on a Monday evening and is all about having fun, getting active and learning exciting dance routines to pop music that the children love. Children will get to choreograph their own moves, build their confidence, increase flexibility and get creative and we always look forward to their annual performance at the Victoria Hall.

Handball: Led by Mr Slinn, our handball club runs on a Monday evening and is a great opportunity for children to learn a new sport with their friends. What’s more there are also a number of competitions that run throughout the year that see children attending this club compete against other schools, which is a fantastic opportunity for many children to push themselves beyond their comfort zone!

Arts and Crafts: Led by Miss Wilde, our arts and crafts clubs runs on a Tuesday evening and see lots of children get creative as they produce lots of amazing artwork, sculptures and models! The children always leave this club with the biggest smile on their faces, feeling so proud of the masterpieces that they have produced.

Forest School: Led by Miss Holmes, Miss Rowe and Mr Slinn, our Forest School club runs on a Tuesday evening and is one of the most popular activities on offer. Whatever the weather, children will be found outside in our woodland area if they attend this club, often singing songs around a campfire or trying their hardest to build a shelter that protects them from the elements!

Football: Led by Mr White from LMA Academy, our football club takes place on a Tuesday evening and is very well attended by both boys and girls alike! On our academy field, children have the opportunity to learn new tricks and also take part in small sides games against other members of our academy.

Healthy Eating Club: Rebranded this year with a greater emphasis on health and physical wellbeing, our healthy eating clubs sees children learn all about how to keep themselves healthy as they rustle up a range of tasty treats in our academy kitchen that they often can’t wait to try!

Gardening Club: Led by Miss Durber on a Wednesday evening, our gardening club looks after all things horticulture across our academy site! They can often be found tending to their vegetable patch or watering the plants and they are rarely put off by our inclement weather!

Musical Theatre: Led by Miss Manders on a Wednesday evening, our musical theatre club allows children to get creative and try something that they are unlikely to have done before! Mrs Bailey in particular loves watching them perform and we can’t wait until they are able to showcase their talents to our whole academy!

Performing Arts: Led by Mr White from LMA Academy, our performing arts club meet on a Thursday evening and have a fantastic time acting, singing and dancing their hearts out! As with our musical theatre club, their performances are particularly impressive and we can’t wait until they can show off in an assembly to our whole academy!

Mystery Club: Led by Miss Erskine (or another mystery member of staff), there’s not too much than we can tell you about this club for fear of giving the game away! All we can say is that you’ll have to sign up and come along if you’d like to find out more!

Netball Club: Led by Miss Thompson (a very talented netball player herself!) on a Thursday evening, our netball clubs is an opportunity for boys and girls to learn and practise these competencies in small sided games, and we can’t wait until they have the opportunity to represent Milton Primary in competition against other schools in our local area!

Guitar Club: Led by Mr Ryles, our guitar club meet on a Thursday evening and can be heard in all corners of our academy as they learn new songs both individually and as a small band! As with many of our other clubs, we can’t wait for our budding guitarists to showcase their talent in a whole academy assembly.

Running Club: Led by Mr Jones and Mrs Bew on a Friday morning, our running is up bright and early and at school for 8am! They take part in lots of running games and activities before sharing breakfast together before the academy day begins in full!


Pupil Voice

At Milton Primary Academy we believe that the view of every pupil is important to ensure that we provide the best education possible. Here is a selection of pupil voice collected during the 2019/20 academic year, and in some cases, what we are doing / have done to improve the clubs and competitions that we provide.

Oliver in Forest School Club said… “I really like going on a bug hunt or building a shelter.”

Jess in Healthy Eating Club said… “It was really good to make tea for my mum and then eat it with her at school.”

Kiera in Year 2 said… “A drama club would be really interesting and different.”

Lauren said it… we did it!! This year we’ve got a performing arts club and a musical theatre club – we can’t wait to see you try one of these and tell us just how much fun it is!

Ben in Mystery Club said… “It’s so exciting not knowing what we’ll be doing before we go to mystery club.”


Please see below a selection of documents that relate to the intent, implementation, and impact of clubs, competitions and enrichment at Milton Primary Academy. If you require any additional information relating to this subject, then please contact the subject leaders, Mr A Jones, Mrs G. Bew and Mr M. Slinn, via the academy office (