Curriculum News

Songbirds at The Victoria Hall

The songbirds concert was on Monday 5th December. The children performed at The Victoria Hall to their parents and even the Lord Mayor! It was a fantastic concert and one which all of the children enjoyed immensely. The children have worked hard all term to be able to perform and really did Milton proud! They were a real credit to the school and showed that hard work does really pay off! On behalf of Songbirds, we would like to thank Mrs. Atherton for all of her hard work in helping us to learn the songs and helping us to make our fantastic party hats! We have really enjoyed this opportunity and we can’t wait for our next concert! You can look out for us in The Sentinel too!



Road Safety Assembly

To Mr Blackford and Mr Potts,

We are writing to you to thank you for the assembly on Monday 21st November at Milton Primary School about road safety. We really enjoyed your visit and looking around the Warburton’s van. We learnt lots of interesting things about road safety and all agree that we will be able to stay very safe when we are near roads.

Learning about the blind spots on the van was a shock as we didn’t realise how little you can see from inside the cab. The height you’re at means that you can’t see very much at the front of the truck. Also the stopping distance was a surprise too, we thought it would take the same amount of time to stop the van as it does to stop a car. Now we know how important it is to give extra room for the trucks and vans on the road, we’ll make sure we tell our parents!

Lastly we wanted to say a great big thank you for the lovely bread, thins and crumpets you gave to everyone. We’ve really enjoyed eating them at home.

Yours sincerely,

Milton Primary School Council.