Pupil Parliament

Part of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise

Pupil Parliament (inc. Academy Houses) Subject Leader:

  • Miss J. Rowe

Faculty Leader:

  • Miss J. Rowe

Subject Vision:

Here at Milton Primary Academy, we are constantly striving to be more than a traditional school council. In September 2018, we launched a brand-new Pupil Parliament and the main reason for this was to ensure our children become more aware of democracy and how our country is run. Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states children should have a say in decisions that affect their lives and our Pupil Parliament provides a meaningful platform for our children to voice their opinions and have their views taken into account regarding decisions which impact upon them.

Principles of Pupil Parliament

These are the ‘Principles of Pupil Parliament’ at Milton Primary Academy. They were devised and agreed by the children and staff in January 2020, informed by the way we feel that our parliament should be ran across the Academy.

Principle 1: Children are excited and enthusiastic about our Pupil Parliament.

Principle 2: Through writing their own manifesto and voting for their class candidates, children lead their own Parliament.

Principle 3: The Pupil Parliament introduces children to the world of democracy and democratic language.

Principle 4: The Pupil Parliament will give children the opportunity to take ownership of certain decisions that impact their school life.

Principle 5: Children and adults in school appreciate and value the Pupil Parliament, their members and the ideas implemented by them.

Pupil Parliament Leader

My name is Miss Rowe and I am the Pupil Parliament lead at Milton Primary Academy. My role is to oversee the Pupil Parliament and implement the ideas provided by the children. Although I guide Parliament, the children are the ones who oversee their own meetings with different roles being undertaken. The roles include a speaker of the house, prime minister, cabinet secretary and chancellor of the exchequer.

My role is to encourage the children to have their own say and to be able to voice the say of others in the school – this means that everyone’s voice is heard. I believe that every child in our academy should have their voice heard and our Pupil Parliament gives all of our children the opportunity to have their say, even if they are not a member.

Since becoming Pupil Parliament lead, I have implemented a suggestions box on the Pupil Parliament display board which allows all children to suggest ideas. These ideas are then discussed and debated at our meetings by the Parliament members. As part of their role, some of the Parliament members visited London where the children had the chance to visit the Houses of Commons to witness a debate. The Pupil Parliament also attended the children’s local democracy conference and have had visits from an MP, as well as several local councillors. As Pupil Parliament lead, I am enthusiastic and passionate about the running of the Parliament and I feel that all children in our academy can approach me with any ideas or questions they may have.

Educational Visits and Enrichment

At Milton Primary Academy we place great emphasis on the importance of educational visits and visitors to enhance the teaching and learning of democracy. These visits and visitors, which provide valuable opportunities for learning through first-hand experience, are therefore an integral part of the curriculum and allow our children to make valuable connections between what they have learned in class and their experiences in the real-world.

Whole School Enrichment: The school year begins for parliament with voting. To begin with, all children are given the opportunity to write manifestos to read to their classes before the vote takes place. Once this has happened, we create a ballot as if it were a real polling station and the winners are then announced during the whole academy assembly. Once the children have been elected, we hold fortnightly meetings to discuss any issues and complete projects to raise the profile of our academy. Staff members will often visit our meetings which everyone always enjoys. In September 2019, the Pupil Parliament visited London and the Houses of Parliament. They witnessed a debate and also got to take part in their own debate. For some of the children, this was their first experience of visiting London and they all had a fantastic time. In October 2019, we took part in the Children’s Youth Conference at the Kings Hall in Stoke. Three children were chosen at random and took part in a debate, met local councilors and got to meet the mayoress. The children were fantastic representatives of Milton Primary Academy. Also, this year we have been very lucky to have visits from an MP and several local councilors. The parliament members gave the visitors a tour of the school and spoke to them about the things that are important to them, such as recycling bins and the ways in which we travel to school.