Part of the Faculty of Character and Careers

Faculty Leader:

  • Mr S. Redford

Subject Leader:

  • Miss C. Durber

Subject Vision:

As part of our #WeAreCrew initiative Milton Primary, we look to foster a value-driven culture, which foregrounds relationships and mutual respect between all members of the community. Participants view each other as more equal than hierarchical – and the team of teachers and pupils is described as the ‘crew’. With this in mind, we fully believe that building character is just as important as academic success, and there is a shared belief that a pupil is judged not merely by quality of their work but additionally by the quality of their character.

The very word ‘crew’ comes from the Latin ‘crescere’, meaning ‘to arise or grow’, and we often speak of a process that one has to go through. Children at Milton Primary, and those in Years 3 and 4 specifically, therefore immerse themselves in long-term learning expeditions, including unique outdoor education opportunities.  They are encouraged to work together and support each other and through their participation in team building activities, they develop trust, perseverance and patience and work together to successfully achieve an end goal.

Principles of Outstanding #WeAreCrew 

These are the ‘Principles of Outstanding #WeAreCrew’ at Milton Primary Academy. They were devised and agreed by the children and staff in January 2020, informed by the way we feel that #WeAreCrew should be taught across the academy.

Principle 1: Children are excited and enthusiastic about #WeAreCrew.

Principle 2: #WeAreCrew is hands on and practical and children enjoy learning new skills that will stay with them throughout their life.

Principle 3: Children take responsibility for their own learning and work together to help others.

Principle 4: Children are challenged to solve problems and participate effectively and ethically as local and global citizens.

Principle 5: Teachers enable children to access a range of enrichment opportunities, both within and beyond the curriculum.

#WeAreCrew Subject Leader

My name is Miss Durber and I am the #WeAreCrew leader at Milton Primary Academy. My role is to encourage our children to work together and celebrate each other’s successes, and I fully believe that the children learn valuable skills through the #WeAreCrew initiative, which they will continue to use in later life. 

I am also proud that the #WeAreCrew initiative is supported by day trips and a residential stay at Stanley Head, a nearby outdoor education centre, and there really is nothing more enjoyable than seeing the children learn valuable life skills during their visits and stays. What’s more, I am passionate about ensuring that children have the opportunity to, and thoroughly enjoy, working with other year groups to share the ethos of the #WeAreCrew initiative. It is undoubtedly important that they build new and long-lasting friendships as they come together and develop communication skills, resilience and determination, whilst also building trust between one another. 

My favourite #WeAreCrew activities so far have included building the tallest paper tower (as part of a team), and the children putting themselves into height order without talking, which helped strengthen their means of communication. Building on the success of activities such as these, we are now working hard to develop a community garden in the academy grounds. It is here that we hope to plant and grow vegetables, which the children will be able to distribute across our local community. This will be a real team effort and will support the children in learning about nature and how things grow, which are things that I personally find incredibly interesting, as well as emphasising the intrinsic principles of #WeAreCrew!

#WeAreCrew Curriculum

At Milton Primary Academy we aim to provide a #WeAreCrew curriculum that is creative, inclusive, challenging and inspired by the real-world. It inspires future thinkers, innovators and problem solvers in an immersive environment that stimulates curiosity and supports high-quality learning, allowing each and every learner to fulfil their potential.

Year 3 and 4:

The #WeAreCrew curriculum is part of the academy’s wider work to support learners in developing their character – including their resilience, confidence and independence – and help them know how to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

Although the #WeAreCrew initiative does not take the form of a prescribed list of subject content, some examples of the activities that we complete are detailed below:

  • Discussion and debate around moral dilemmas
  • Team-building
  • Communication development
  • Activities that require children to serve the local community

The Contribution of #WeAreCrew to Teaching and Learning in Other Areas of the Curriculum

Fundamentally, everyone’s experience of the world is cross curricular, as everything that surrounds us can be seen and understood from multiple perspectives. Our #WeAreCrew curriculum at Milton Primary therefore aims to take advantage of a range of opportunities for children to make links between different subject areas, supporting the use and application of what has already been taught and learned in new and different ways and providing opportunities for deep, meaningful learning.

English (inc. Reading): Cross curricular links coming soon…

Mathematics: Cross curricular links coming soon…

SMSC and British Values: Cross curricular links coming soon…

Educational Visits and Enrichment

At Milton Primary Academy we place great emphasis on the importance of educational visits and visitors to enhance the teaching and learning of #WeAreCrew. These visits and visitors, which provide valuable opportunities for learning through first-hand experience, are therefore an integral part of the curriculum and allow our children to make valuable connections between what they have learned in class and their first-hand experiences in the real-world.

Year 3 and 4 Enrichment and Clubs: In Year 4 we visit Stanley Head for a three-day residential, which prepares the children for a week-long residential at Kingswood in Year 5. Whilst away from home, children take part in many team building activities such as rock climbing, nightline and map reading, which all help develop their communication, trust and resilience skills. 

The language of #WeAreCrew is also used throughout the academy day and during Gardening Club, which is accessible to pupils in Years 3 and 4. Those who are part of the club use the #WeAreCrew ethos to improve the academy grounds and have recently planted bulbs and plants around the academy building, whilst they are also learning about nature and our environment. 

Having recently had some raised planters installed, we hope to create a community garden area where the children can grow plants and vegetables, which can then be distributed across the local community. This will help show the children exactly where some of their food comes from and the process it goes through before it reaches the shops. A seating area will also be installed in this area so that the children can sit somewhere quiet, read a book, and enjoy the nature that surround us.


Pupil Voice

At Milton Primary Academy we believe that the view of every pupil is important to ensure that we provide the best education possible. Here is a selection of pupil voice collected during the 2019/20 academic year, and in some cases, what we are doing / have done to improve the #WeAreCrew education that we provide.

Maisie in Year 3 said… “#WeAreCrew means sharing with others and listening to each other.”

George in Year 4 said… ” Working together helps us all to succeed.”


Please see below a selection of documents that relate to the intent, implementation, and impact of #WeAreCrew teaching and learning at Milton Primary Academy. If you require any additional information relating to this subject, then please contact the subject leader, Miss C. Durber, via the academy office (milton@learningvillage.org.uk).